And Nothing Shalt Remain

CD Cover

Hass Weg Productions

Tracks :

1. Les Confessions du Diable

2. Cadavre Exquis

3. L'Eveil de la BĂȘte

4. Artefact Maudit

5. Le Misérable Destin de Chacun

6. Frozen Serenity

7. Dead Hopes

8. Ubiquity

9. Circle of Destruction

10. With The Moon's Final Sign


Split CD with Mourning Forest, released in 2012 through Hass Weg Productions.

Limited in 1000 copies!

All Sad music arrangements by Ungod, all SAD lyrics and vocals by Nadir!

Layout was made by Moonshred, drawings by Balkor and Moonshred ( Mourning Forest) !